From Norway to Greece.

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Yes… I have now lived here for almost six months. I suppose the time is right for deciding what this blog will be about. After having discussed with my friends and family (same thing) I have concluded with this: Life. Life in a very different country to Norway.

My name is Bård and I am 37 years old. I decided it was time to move out of “the best country in the world” and out into the unknown again. I have lived in the UK 3 times, total of 6 years, so I know what it is like to live abroad. But Greece is something completely different again. A country with friendly, helpful and real people who call themselves Greeks (I loved living in the UK btw.). I think of the Acropolis right away but it is more than that obviously!

I moved here to build and run holiday homes/villas on behalf of our family business. Our first villa will be finished by the middle of August but we will rent it out from 1. October. Then we are sure that everything works I should think. Together with a great team, Stokas Construction, my every day life in the construction business is such a joy. We have been so lucky to find them. Greek architect, Greek entrepreneur, French lawyer mixed with Norwegian socialism and stubbornness. Can it get better?

But! This blog is not supposed to be a commercial blog. It will be about life in Greece. It will be about how to enjoy life and how I want people who visit to also enjoy life in Greece. I suppose you can enjoy life wherever you are, but it is so much more enjoyable in a t-shirt…

To move from Norway is fairly hard to believe for many people I speak to here. Also many Norwegian people find it hard to understand. We constantly see these rankings where Norway comes up as no. 1. All the world obviously believe this. And I suppose it is if you look at oil, money and welfare. A good friend of mine and I have found out it isn’t. She took her husband and dog with her for a year in Italy. They never regretted this move. I will do as they did and move to another country but I don’t know if I will ever look back. I love it here.

The Greeks have plenty of challenges these days. But they are a proud people and I am convinced they will get out of this situation by not too long. Many disagree… Technology will once again lead the world in the right direction. In half a year most restaurants and shops here now take credit cards and use terminals. The black economy on a micro level has suddenly become a touch more difficult. What new solutions the many oligarchs come up with is another issue. There are still a lot of impressive yachts in the harbours around here for me to look at… The differences between people are on another level than back in Norway that’s for sure.

First blog post. If I miss Norway? No (r) way…


PS: Thanks to all the people who encouraged me to start blogging – madness!


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